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5 Ways to Use Weed Without Smoking It

Updated: Oct 15

Smoking cannabis is not easy. It might be social. Even cultural. Effects might hit very quickly. There are many reasons people smoke weed, but many prefer to avoid the burnt throat, the blistered fingers, the heavy coughing fits. Searching online for the “best cannabis dispensary near me,” these people are looking for alternatives. Many exist. Some stronger, some less so, all very, very exciting.

Many weed enthusiasts avoid smoking for many reasons. Some have health issues. These can take away their choice, like respiratory problems, for example. There is growing stigma attached to smoking too. Some health-conscious communities might prefer other products, other methods of consumption. Fortunately, many are available, all with their own pros and cons:

1. Vaporizers

Technically, vaping still falls under smoking. However, because you inhale vapors and not burning plant matter and associated toxins, some consider it a good alternative. The main benefit of this is speed. Effects need just a minute or two. If that. Ideal for quick relief. Vaporizers heat cannabis extract to the point of emitting vapors. These are tastier than burnt buds. Easier on the lungs too.

The market offers many vaporizers. They come in every shape and size, with diverse settings and features. There are desktop vapes, portable ones. There are pricy vapes and there are cheap ones. Quality varies. Importantly, as the Journal of the American Medical Association explains, vaping triggers a stronger therapeutic response. This means added potency, and for much longer too.

2. Edibles

Medibles, more formally called cannabis-infused edibles, are perfect for the non-smoker. There is huge variety in this sector already, with the market just exploding in popularity. You can buy edibles directly. Simply search “DC weed dispensary near me.” You could make it yourself at home too. The clever make their own infusions. It is cheaper. However, cannabutter is readily available for sale.

Edibles are fun for many reasons. They can be intensely psychoactive. If you get your dosage wrong, which happens a lot, then the buzz can feel especially potent. It milder doses, it promises adventure. You will have to wait, though. As the U.S. National Library of Medicine says, cannabinoids first pass through the digestive tract. Expect some delay. Effects can take as long as an hour to feel. Even two.

3. Oils

Marijuana oils are highly potent oil-based cannabinoid extracts. They come with plastic applicators. They come in bottles and capsules. You can sip this oil directly, or you can drop it into your meals and beverages. Oils, being much like edibles, also pass through the digestive system, metabolizing long before they enter the bloodstream. For those needing fast relief, other options might be better.

For medical patients, the U.S. National Library of Medicine elaborates on the long processing time of ingestible cannabis products. This is why cannabis oils are more popular for those using weed recreationally, but not wanting to smoke it. Medicinally, there are faster ways for patients to find relief. Because of their oily base, these oils are not as bioavailable as what perhaps tinctures are.

4. Tinctures

Tinctures offer another fast-acting method of cannabis consumption. A drop or two under the tongue, held there for a minute or so, delivers cannabinoids into the bloodstream sublingually. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, you avoid first-pass metabolism by absorbing cannabinoids through the mucus membranes of your mouth. For this reason, you feel it very quickly.

A major benefit of tinctures is the incredible dose control they give you. Droppers come included for unmatched accuracy. What is more, effects last several hours, giving medical users another safe and effective way to use cannabis therapeutically. Tinctures vary in flavor. In potency. In cannabinoid profile. Check their labels for this information. It will help you to find the ones you need.

4. Topicals

Topicals are plentiful on the cannabis market. You get bath salts, all manner of lotions and potions. You get ointments and salves, so much more. Many studies now prove cannabis highly effective at treating all types of ailments topically. Think skin problems, wounds, inflammation and stiffness, pain, and worse. It provides targeted relief at the site of discomfort. It offers proven treatment.

However, as the U.S. National Library of Medicine explains very well, cannabis topicals are not psychoactive. They will never make you buzz. This is because the skin, or the dermis, blocks entry to the bloodstream. It does not allow cannabinoids to get that far. The only topicals that break through the skin-blood barrier are transdermal patches. These add some kick. Use them with caution.

Search Google for “Marijuana Dispensary Near Me

It is possible to enjoy marijuana without puffing on it. More than possible. It is easy. Many options are available, many different products. There are others too, more potent, and more complicated, like, say, dabbing rigs. To find out how best you enjoy your weed, some experimentation is necessary. Try them all, we say. Never hold back. Our budtenders are here to help and guide you along the way.

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