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7 Easy Tips to Grow Your Own Perfect Bud

Updated: Oct 15

There is good reason to grow a few of your own cannabis plants. Even with “Green Palace Washington DC” among the most popular search terms, there is much satisfaction from a plant or two tended yourself. The law allows you to grow six plants at home, three mature and three not. While it may not supply all your needs, it can certainly help supplement them.

Anything can go wrong. At any time. Consider bugs. Molds. Fungi. Worse. Even so, it is possible, even easy, to harvest perfect buds of your own. You only need to follow a few basic tips. Remember, the environment matters. Conditions are everything. Technique is less important, but it offers much adventure for the more advanced grower. For now, this guide puts you on a successful path:

1. Give Enough Water

Cannabis is a very thirsty plant. It needs plenty of water to grow to its full potential. It matters not what system you use. Whether hydroponics, aquaponics, soil, or something else, your plants will need enough water. Give it to them. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, cannabis is not as thirsty as other plants are. This makes them a very sustainable crop for many farmers.

2. Feed When Needed

Cannabis thrives on plant food. On nutrients. Give it to them. Be very generous in your feeding of these hungry plants. When they are growing, weed loves nitrogen. When flowering, it loves potassium and phosphorus. Sufficient food is essential for big, aromatic buds. As the U.S. National Library of Medicine explains, nutrient and mineral deficiencies can make your plants sick.

3. Provide Sufficient Space

Space is vital for cannabis plants. They need enough of it to grow to size. The more space you give cannabis plants, the bigger they will get, the bigger their buds will be. Space is necessary everywhere. Top, bottom, and sides. According to the University of Florida, pay attention to root space. Change pots often. Restricted roots mean restricted plants. Ensure pots are big enough.

4. Let Good Light In

Plants need light to grow. Cannabis plants especially. They need lots of it, and not just any light either. They need the right spectrum of blue, red, and white light, as ResearchGate explains well. They need a healthy light cycle too. To grow, weed needs 12 hours of light or more. To flower, they need less. This is extremely important. If you cannot provide natural light, invest in proper lighting.

5. Remember Air

Cannabis loves humidity. These plants do well in conditions that other organisms love too. Like bacteria. Fungi. For this reason, you must keep humidity under control. This means providing air. Lots of it. Air will help to prevent molds and other associated problems from taking over. The Collaborating Center for Environmental Health suggests that you need air too. Weed is smelly.

6. Warmth Too

Warmth is important too. While some cannabis strains grow in colder climates, this is a plant that loves the heat more. Most strains grow well in warm weather. If you live in a cold place, or an overly hot place, then temperature control will matter. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the ideal temperate range for cannabis plants is between 22 degrees and 30 degrees Celsius.

7. Love Most of All

Love your plants. Nurture them. Tend them with care and they will respond likewise. All living beings need love, whether one believes it or not. Many experts swear by the benefits of loving cannabis. These same experts prove it with insanely nice buds. Treat your plants with the same love and kindness you would any other living creature, no matter what anyone thinks of you for it.

Visit Green Palace Dispensary

Green Palace DC believes all weed enthusiasts should grow some of their own plants. At least once in life. More. There is no greater satisfaction than farming your own nugs. No greater joy. No greater adventure. Not anywhere. It needs time and dedication, though. Money and commitment too. Until then, you can always search “best dispensary near me” for the finest weed in Washington D.C.

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