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8 Tips to Childproof Your Weed

Updated: Oct 15

With cannabis fast becoming legal everywhere, it is important to use it responsibly. Like alcohol, you might not want children in your stash. Effects are scary for youngsters. Consequences can be negative, and in large doses, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, can send your child to the emergency room with severe panic attacks. Every weed dispensary Washington DC has is very aware of this.

You should be too. In fact, childproof packaging is law for all cannabis products in the state. As the U.S. National Library of Medicine explains, childhood visits to the emergency room increase tenfold in most states after legalizing. Parents must be accountable for their weed. They must keep their wits about them when children are in the area. Family and friends must abide by this too.

Keeping Cannabis from Children

Sadly, many parents leave their buds unattended. Lying around. More and more, children are ending up hospitalized for finding this stash within easy reach. Cannabis can have some very alarming effects on young kids. Accidental ingestion is a leading cause of hospital admissions. In older kids, ingestion is often intentional. It is possible to use cannabis freely and keep your children away from it too:

1. Keep Cannabis Out of Sight. Store buds where curious eyes will never see them.

2. Stash it Out of Reach. Where curious hands will never find them. Think of weed the way you would medicines, like prescription drugs, even vitamins and supplements. Stick to this rule when traveling too. Store it up high and way out of reach.

3. Be Consistent. Keep to your own rules and make sure that you always adhere to them. Put your stash away, out of sight, out of reach, and do it every single time. Make your joint and put it away. Without fail, even if you use it frequently.

4. Consider a Medicine Lock Box. A lock box is ideal for cannabis. Traditionally, people locked their medicines away in boxes. Today, it is guns and weed. Even with childproof packaging laws, children can still get inside many cannabis products. Locked away, there is no risk. None.

5. Be Open About Cannabis. Talk to your children. Discuss cannabis with them the same way you would talk about any other medications. Teach kids to be safe around weed. Teach them not to eat it. You could explain what it is, tell them what it does, and teach them to let it be.

6. Have Guests Comply with your Cannabis Rules Too. If anyone comes visiting, friend or family or foe, ask them to adhere to your safety measures. Offer to put bags, coats, and other potential sources of cannabis away for them. Ask them to keep weed out of sight, out of mind. If hiring a babysitter, make sure he or she knows these rules and will not break them.

7. Be Vigilant Everywhere Else. Check if other homes practice cannabis safety before sending your children over to play. If other parents are using weed, find out whether they leave it lying around or if they pack it away. The question might feel sensitive, but it is important, nonetheless. Casually toss it in with other normal questions, like animals or allergies or seatbelts.

8. Prepare Everyone for Potential Emergency. If you are a weed lover and you use it at home, it might be wise to prepare for possible mishap. Just in case. As we know all too well, accidents can happen. Do happen. It can only help to know what to do if ever you find yourself in this all-too-familiar situation. Save emergency numbers everywhere. Be proactive.

Best Weed Dispensary in DC

It is essential that parents know how and where they will store their weed before they buy it. Pick a safe spot beforehand, long before searching “weed dispensary DC” online, long before delivery arrives. Being a responsible cannabis user means keeping it away from children, animals, and others uninformed. Make it your priority to childproof your stash. Doing so will prevent disaster.

If your children do still manage to swallow weed, then refrain from panic. Call Poison Control. Call emergency services. While the effects of cannabis can be terrifying for children, it never killed anybody. Your child will recover. Hopefully with a love of bud instilled properly in them. Prevention is always best, though. And honestly, nobody wants to lose their buds this way either.

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